About Staffing is your local expert in the media. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, experience and expertise around all things employment. We have a long standing history in Alberta which has affored us the luxury of being the go-to-company for the media.

We are excited to share the articles which we have appeared in. As well, we have dug out of our vault About Staffing's articles that appeared in the Calgary Sun. Sharlene Massie was a guest writer where readers had the pleasure of getting her insight in every Sunday edition.


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In The Media

How help from fellow entrepreneurs can save a sinking ship
28 Jan 2019
Study finds Alberta’s employment growth numbers buoyed by government hirings
30 Aug 2018
Alberta recruiter sees hope on jobs horizon, despite economists' tempered expectations
09 Mar 2018
Skill set mismatch: Most open jobs only need high school education, leaving many people overqualified
01 Nov 2017
Rise in Alberta job openings does not spell return of high paying jobs, says job recruiter
13 Oct 2017
Why Calgary may be starting to climb back from the agonizing recession
04 Aug 2017
Check your ego
10 Feb 2017
Check your ego
10 Feb 2017
Latest Employment Insurance numbers show continued tough trend in Alberta
18 Jan 2017
Alberta recruiter sees hope on jobs horizon, despite economists' tempered expectations
21 Dec 2016
Youth Job Seekers
02 Dec 2016
Alberta employers hopeful, but they can't run a business on hope, says recruiter
02 Dec 2016
Our aging workforce
07 Oct 2016
The subtle discrimination facing job-seeking seniors
07 Oct 2016
2 years without a job
24 Sep 2016
Young Albertans compete for jobs with laid-off energy sector workers
14 Jul 2016
Fort McMurray Fire
27 May 2016
Ontario company cancels plans to hire Alberta workers
26 May 2016
Scammers preying on the unemployed
05 Apr 2016
Calgary's talent pool under threat as workers poached by other province
02 Mar 2016
Find the ideal employee
01 Feb 2016
Recruitment firms match workers
13 Oct 2012
Money won't solve all workplace issues
05 Feb 2012
Open mind critical for new hires
28 Nov 2011
Winging it won't cut it in today's job interview
25 Jan 2010

Published Articles

Success or failure is really up to you and your attitude
06 Jan 2013
Burned bridges could torch you
02 Dec 2012
Discipline key to quell culture of entitlement in workforce
11 Nov 2012
Enjoy the extra hour
04 Nov 2012
Getting ready for Round 2
14 Oct 2012
Your journey may not always go the way you plan
07 Oct 2012
Reflecting on past decade puts troubles in perspective
11 Sep 2012
Easy to keep busy
09 Sep 2012
Generations all deserve the day off
02 Sep 2012
Recognize all heroes in your community
12 Aug 2012
Excellent opportunity to celebrate heritage
05 Aug 2012
Clear out the clutter and find energizing clarity
01 Jul 2012
It pays to have a plan
10 Jun 2012
Workers earn our thanks
03 Jun 2012
Experts only make it look easy - it's not
06 May 2012
Time can be on your side
10 Apr 2012
Celebrate Easter your way
08 Apr 2012
Great leaders hold strong through stormy times
03 Apr 2012
Could you drop everything and go travel?
01 Apr 2012
Making learning lifeline commitment
11 Mar 2012
Get spring cleaning - in your workplace and your mind
04 Mar 2012
Wearing heart on sleeve dangerous at work
12 Feb 2012
Money won't solve all workplace issues
05 Feb 2012
Human contact vital to worksites
15 Jan 2012
Where does the time go?
13 Jan 2012
Help build successful workplace
08 Jan 2012
Rustle up that Stampede apology
08 Jan 2012
Kindness should outweigh fame and fortune
11 Dec 2011
Resume shouldn't hold you back
04 Dec 2011
OMG, what is happening to our language?
13 Nov 2011
Let's be grateful for those we've lost and what as Canadians we have
06 Nov 2011
Plenty to be thankful for this year
09 Oct 2011
Companies jockeying in tight job market
02 Oct 2011
Good hirings take time
04 Sep 2011
Inner workings of a boss' mind revealed
14 Aug 2011
Inner workings of a boss' mind revealed
14 Aug 2011
Undervalued employees could be ready to walk out the door
07 Aug 2011
Stay cool amid Stampede craziness
10 Jul 2011
Long weekend well-earned by hardworking Canadians
03 Jul 2011
About Staffing celebrates 15 fantastic years of business
12 Jun 2011
Canadians celebrating success of fast-paced staffing industry
05 Jun 2011
Brush up on your resume and interview skills
13 May 2011
Gender equality in the workplace
08 May 2011
Plan our your path to lifetime success
01 May 2011
Desires hard to deny no matter the state of the economy
13 Mar 2011
Be sure to have a back up plan if you can't follow your dreams
06 Mar 2011
Cherish and renew some of your old relationships
13 Feb 2011
Don't set your standards too high while job hunting
06 Feb 2011
Great leadership will begin with vision
23 Jan 2011
Careful reflection staves of stresses
16 Jan 2011