Meet The Founder

Sharlene is best known for her down-to-earth approach, her laugh, and her ability to relate to just about everyone. She certainly did not intend on a lifelong commitment to the staffing industry when she graduated from MRU in Public Relations in 1990, but the employment industry is where her heart took her! So, she spends day after day helping candidates, clients, and her internal team find the same success.


She infuses her personality into everything that she does and it is contagious; she maintains the same level of passion as when she first broke into the industry over 25 years ago.


Sharlene has worked tirelessly to become an expert in the staffing field through constant education and industry involvement – whether participating in conferences, researching industry trends, or drawing from her years worth of knowledge to act as a ‘go-to’ spokesperson for local media.


Her resiliency and commitment have resulted in the firm weathering various storms, which have proved catastrophic for many of her peers.


The proof is in the pudding. Staff members continue to visit; several client relationships have existed since she opened her doors 20 years ago; and, she is very active (and in good standing) in the business community.

Words from staff...

Sharlene is a true visionary who is always five steps ahead of the game, which is why she upholds such great success in her company! She is also a very enthusiastic leader who cares about her staff, clients and candidates, genuinely! She is very appreciative of hard work, which is why she has such great staff retention. Sharlene never hesitates to share in the blessings of the company and through that, she has created a great sense of motivation and drive in each of us – it feels like our company too! I have had the pleasure of working with her (notice: I didn’t say for her?!) for over 20 years now and we have been through many ups and downs but it is through the Enthusiasm, Sincerity, Stability and Loyalty that make her and the company true leaders in the Staffing Industry. Sharlene is an inspiration and anyone would be so lucky to work with her!

-Lee Anne Thorne, Director of Business Process (Employee since 2002)

Words from colleagues...

Sharlene Massie and About Staffing are more then a recruitment or head hunting firm. Her leadership and About Staffing’s caring approach to finding the “right” individual to be placed in the “right” position in an effortless approach for the business owner makes the decision of engaging About Staffing a no-brainer. Contact Sharlene today!

– Todd Millar

Words from clients...

I have worked with Sharlene as both a supplier of services to About Staffing and as a client of About Staffing placement services. In all aspects of business, Sharlene operates with the highest integrity and a superior commitment to ensuring everyone “wins”.

As a client, she was responsive and committed to ensuring her own customers were being served as they wished to be and that every opportunity for improvement was identified and acted upon.

As a supplier/partner, Sharlene was determined to assess our corporate culture as well as the skills and abilities required for the successful candidate(s). She and her team delivered “best fit” candidates and made it easy for us to select the optimum candidate(s).

I have no hesitation in recommending Sharlene and About Staffing!

Anne Miner
The Dunvegan Group