It’s who we are. It’s what we believe. It’s what sets us apart.

Our Competitive
Advantage is
Your Competitive

Corporate culture is the largest value driver of any organization with value-driven cultures being down right some of the best companies on the planet to work for. This is the new competitive advantage for organizations and we can partner with you to achieve this.

At About Staffing we hire based on our core values of enthusiasm, stability, sincerity and loyalty. It’s what we talk about, encourage and support daily and it’s the one sign in our office we can locate in a heartbeat.

Being Masters at Matching Culture not only means that we embody this characteristic in our day-to-day, but that our process supports organizations by delivering Grade “A” Humans.


[definition]: candidates that personify not only the skill and education requirements that you desire, but also exhibit similar values and behavioral norms that will contribute – not take away – from the existing corporate culture.

Our Grade “A” Human Assessments

To some agencies, a candidate screening is simply keyword matching by a computer or a quick meet and greet at the counter. At About Staffing, we take screening to a whole new level. We call it the Grade “A” Way! Our thorough candidate assessments involve

  • pre-screening sessions,
  • telephone or online interviews
  • high impact in-person interviews,
  • background, education and criminal record checks,
  • references
  • skills and behavioral testing

As experts in hiring since 1996, we have spent years researching, developing and refining strategic and high-impact questions that extract critical information from our candidates. This is the Grade “A” Way. These questions assess traits such as: attitude, ethics, energy, values, emotions and motivation. They also indirectly address a candidate’s forward thinking, problem solving skills, adaptability, willingness to learn and stress management, to name a few.

We Ask the Questions No One Else is Asking

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