We Are The Best At What We Do


We aren’t simply competing to be the best staffing agency in Calgary. We are seeking to set a new standard for how staffing agencies operate and redefine how they are viewed.


Our Mission


Enhance lives and companies by creating meaningful workplace connections.


How We Do It


We are revolutionizing how staffing agencies work by focusing on more than just the resume. We are the Masters at Matching Culture®. And we find success by making sure fit and company culture are just as important as hard skills and qualifications.


Supporting Local

As About Staffing helps Alberta’s companies grow, we also help thousands of Albertans find meaningful work and careers with great companies. At About Staffing’s core, we are about helping people find positions right for them in a positive workplace with optimism for the future.

But Don’t Take Our Word For It…



“Very good experiences with this agency thus far. Prompt responses with understanding recruitment staff. Highly recommend this company!”



“We were interested in hiring a temp worker to cover 1 – 2 months in administration work. About Staffing managed to find us someone to start in 2 days! The gal that was sent to us is just delightful! We are very happy with About Staffing and our temp admin. We would highly recommend About Staffing for your temporary staffing solutions.”



“About staffing is fantastic. They are friendly and so helpful. I have landed my dream job. Cristina is super sweet and made me feel so comfortable in my interview.”



“It’s the best staffing company in Calgary. They are very supportive and responsive. I am glad that they helped me to get employment in a wonderful company.”

Why We Do It

 We identified a gap in the service that the traditional employment agencies provided. Hiring was treated as a numbers and statistics game where job seekers were matched to positions solely based on their current skill set. We understand that in order to have an employee who not only can do the job but do it well—and be happy doing it—there must be more to it than numbers.

This is why we are the Masters of Matching Culture®.

Our method of recruitment has been proven to create high-performing work environments with a high level of job satisfaction, which leads to higher retention rates and increased productivity.






We recruit and select candidates based on our core values: stability, loyalty, sincerity and enthusiasm. Our success stems from working with great people and businesses that support these core values and live them in their workplace each and every day.


We know how difficult it can be to find a job you love. Let us help you get matched up with one of our exceptional clients.


Hiring is one of the most stressful universal processes businesses must complete. Let us make it easier for you.