About Staffing is your local expert in the media. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, experience and expertise around all things employment. We have a long standing history in Alberta which has affored us the luxury of being the go-to-company for the media.

We are excited to share the articles which we have appeared in. As well, we have dug out of our vault About Staffing’s articles that appeared in the Calgary Sun. Sharlene Massie was a guest writer where readers had the pleasure of getting her insight in every Sunday edition.

CTV COVID Job Market Interview with Sharlene Massie

On March 29th, CTV interviewed Sharlene Massie from About Staffing, to get some insight into the job market in Calgary.  During COVID the job market has seen a number of significant shifts.

  1. Hybrid Roles – Companies are hiring more cross-role empolyees now.  People that can fill a number of posistions
  2. Company Reputation.  Candidates are being significantly more thoughtful when it comes to the companies they apply for.
  3. Increase in temp positions due to COVID related illness
  4. Technology is leading the way during the hiring process.
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