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We have all but officially entered the post-pandemic world, and a new set of challenges has reared its head for Canadians to face.

Alarming increases in our cost of living, hiked interest rates, and extremely high housing costs have left many Canadians worried and confused.

Some provinces in Canada are experiencing these increases more rapidly than others. Provinces like Alberta have seen an opportunity to attract skilled workers to our cities with promises of affordability and stability.

While Alberta is still experiencing these challenges, if you come from cities like Toronto or Vancouver, they may seem trivial to what you are facing.

Whether you’re looking to relocate, change your career, or relieve some financial stress, this article will cover some potential career options currently in demand in Alberta’s job market.

About Staffing has been servicing the province of Alberta for almost 30 years. As a staffing agency, we have a strong understanding of what jobs are in demand in 2022 and beyond.

We have a popular post about the Most In-demand Jobs in Canada that discusses the most in-demand jobs in the country. We have done our best to eliminate as much overlap as possible so both articles are worth a read.

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Tech Roles

The tech industry in Alberta, specifically Calgary, continues to grow exponentially. The city is focused on becoming a hub for the tech industry in Canada. This goal has significantly shifted the jobs offered in Calgary in previous years.

What once was a province focused mainly on energy is now opening its doors to new industries as Calgary seeks to diversify Alberta’s job market.

To start this post, we will dive into some tech roles that are currently high-demand occupations in Alberta.

NOC: 21222

Information Systems Analyst

Man working on computer at desk

The increase in tech companies coming to Alberta creates an increase in the demand for Information Technology (IT) positions. One of the more common ones is an Information Systems Analysts.

Common responsibilities of this position include working with software, computer hardware, and wiring. They are expected to plan, review and manage information systems with the goal of improving computer networks, security, and performance for the company.

Common Titles for the Role:

Computer Systems Analyst, Information Systems Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst, Information Technology (IT) Consultant, Systems Consultant

Average Salary:


Job Opportunities in Alberta (Indeed):


NOC: 21231

Software Engineer

Programmer sitting at computer

The world is continuing to push for advancements in technology and often at the forefront of this push are software developers and engineers.

These high-paying jobs continue to grow in demand as the world moves toward a more digital and technology-driven state.

These engineers are responsible for planning, designing, programming, and evaluating computer systems and programs. They may also be brought on board for maintaining existing systems within a company. More and more companies are looking to hire in-house developers, creating a never-ending need for this role.

Common Titles for the Role:

Software Engineer, Software Developer, Application Architect, Programmer, Development Engineer

Average Salary:


Job Opportunities in Alberta (Indeed):


Careers In

Social Services

Social services are related to all “basic services” such as education, healthcare, housing, and more. These jobs have always been in high demand as urban expansion has continued.

This industry can be highly desirable for those looking for stability in their career. With many options for work, from private practices to Government of Alberta jobs, the demand for workers remains consistent.

There are a ton of different roles and industries that exist under the umbrella of social services/infrastructure, below we highlight a few key jobs needed in the Prairie Province’s labour market.

NOC: 41300

Social Workers

The responsibility of this role is to help people, communities, and organizations enhance their social functionality through counseling, therapy, and referring them to specific services available to them.

You can find all types of organizations hiring for this position such as hospitals, schools, social service agencies, welfare organizations, prisons, and childcare organizations. There are no shortages for changing up your work environment in social work which is an important factor if you get bored easily.

Common Titles for the Role:

Social Worker, Coordinator of Social Work, Psychiatric Social Worker

Average Salary:


Job Opportunities in Alberta (Indeed):


NOC: 42202

Early Childhood Educator

Working with children isn’t for everyone which is why this role is always looking for qualified candidates to hire.

Early childhood educators are responsible for planning, organizing, and implementing the programs and curriculum for young children. These programs are aimed to stimulate and develop intellectual, physical, and emotional growth in children.

This role can be found in childcare centers, schools, private agencies, and daycare facilities.

Common Titles for the Role:

Daycare Worker, Child Care Worker, Early Childhood Supervisor

Average Salary:


Job Opportunities in Alberta (Indeed):


NOC: 41301


Similar to therapy a counselor is there to assist individuals and give advice on certain topics and events in someone’s life. There are many different areas where counselors are needed such as educational, medical, professional, and more.

They can be employed in counseling centers, schools, hospitals, government agencies, career services, rehabilitation centers, and many private practices.

Common Titles for the Role:

Addictions Counselor, Child & Youth Counselor, Family Counselor, Registered Clinical Counselor, Marriage Counselor

Average Salary:


Job Opportunities in Alberta (Indeed):


Man helping out a young woman
Careers In

Health Services

Healthcare is one of, if not the fastest-growing industries in the world. With this rapid expansion comes an ever-increasing demand for workers to fill new jobs.

If you also take into account the impact COVID-19 had on healthcare systems across the world it’s easy to see why there is always a need for more qualified workers.

If you are looking for stability in your career, a job in the healthcare industry might be a great place to look. There are hundreds of healthcare jobs but we will only be discussing a few. A fair number of jobs require some sort of post-secondary education in the healthcare industry.

NOC: 31301


It’s difficult to discuss in-demand occupations in the healthcare industry and not mention nurses.

Although there are different sectors within nursing, they are generally responsible for providing patient care, administering medications and treatments prescribed by physicians, assisting in medical procedures, and more.

Common Titles for the Role:

Clinical Nurse, Emergency Care Nurse, Registered Nurse (R.N.), Critical Care Nurse

Average Salary:


Job Opportunities in Alberta (Indeed):


NOC: 31102


Picture of a doctor smiling

Physicians or more commonly known as doctors are healthcare professionals who typically have a recognized medical degree in their field.

Physicians diagnose and treat all types of issues ranging from diseases to physical injuries, physiological disorders, and more. They also perform routine surgeries and help to provide emergency care when required.

Common Titles for the Role:

Family Physician, General Practitioner, Medical Doctor

Average Salary:


Job Opportunities in Alberta (Indeed):


NOC: 31120


Pharmacist reaching for a prescription on a shelf

There are a few pathways one can go down in the pharmacy industry. There are the more familiar community/hospital pharmacists and then there are the industrial pharmacists.

Community pharmacists are responsible for checking prescriptions for proper dosages, measuring and mixing drugs, maintaining medical profiles, and filling/prescribing medication.

Industrial pharmacists on the other hand are more focused on research and development. They test/investigate new drugs, create usage information materials, and more.

Common Titles for the Role:

Clinical Pharmacist, Retail Pharmacist, Hospital Pharmacist

Average Salary:


Job Opportunities in Alberta (Indeed):


Careers in

Automotive and Transport

Covid has increased the demand for expedited shipping, and it has not slowed down since restrictions were lifted.

Some new high-demand industries include those of transportation and the people responsible for making this possible.

As online shopping continues to grow so does the demand for qualified drivers and other automotive professionals.

NOC: 75201

Delivery and Courier Services

It’s not often you can go outside and not spot a delivery vehicle within sight. The ever-growing demand for consumer goods is directly increasing the need for fast-paced logistics to deliver these goods.

Delivery service drivers and door-to-door distributors are constantly in high demand now. These relatively easy jobs that have a decent pay rate attached are often sought after by those looking for fast-paced work environments. There is typically no work experience required and no post-secondary education either.

These drivers are responsible for picking up and delivering various products to consumer doors on schedule. They are employed by almost all types of businesses from massive corporations like Amazon to small bakeries and food establishments.

Common Titles for the Role:

Delivery Driver, Courier, Door-to-door Distributor, Food Delivery Driver

Average Salary:


Job Opportunities in Alberta (Indeed):


Delivery driver dropping off packages
NOC: 73300

Transport Truck Drivers

While still being a driver, transport truck drivers vary in that they often require more qualifications to operate the trucks they use. Like other in-demand occupations in this industry, the recent boom in online shopping has created a shortage of drivers.

These drivers are operating much larger vehicles and traveling much further distances for each delivery and pick-up they perform.

“Long haul truck drivers” operate in urban, provincial, and sometimes international routes.

Common Titles for the Role:

Bulk Goods Driver, Flatbed Truck Driver, Heavy Truck Driver, Long Haul Truck Driver, Transport Driver

Average Salary:


Job Opportunities in Alberta (Indeed):


Truck driver talking with someone outside
NOC: 72410

Automotive Technicians

While there are many specialties within this industry and most are specific to certain vehicle classes, there are a ton of career possibilities if you know your way around cars and trucks.

These professions are needed to keep up with the increasing number of transport and delivery vehicles entering the market.

Without them, these industries would eventually face massive disruptions and huge delays due to vehicles breaking down. Automotive technicians are responsible for inspecting, diagnosing, and repairing the numerous systems within vehicles.

They are employed in numerous industries including vehicle dealerships, garages, specialty shops, transportation companies, and may also operate privately.

Common Titles for the Role:

Mechanic, Truck and Transport Mechanic, Apprentice Motor Vehicle Mechanic, Tune-up Specialist, Truck and Bus Mechanic

Average Salary:


Job Opportunities in Alberta (Indeed):


Mechanic working on an engine
Careers in

Office Environments

There are no shortages of office jobs available. The world of business is returning to normal and many companies are looking to fill their offices once again.

Office jobs tend to stay in high demand as they typically can work in all industries and possess a lot of transferrable skills. This provides a constant demand for certain high-value positions in the office space.

NOC: 11100


Accountant using a calculator

Every company that generates revenue needs to have an accountant or someone to handle accounting duties. Accountants will always be one of the more in-demand office jobs.

Accountants are generally responsible for analyzing and organizing individuals’ and organizations’ financial records. They must ensure accuracy and general compliance with accounting standards and rules. People looking to work as accountants will need a strong understanding of basic math and a keen eye for details.

Common Titles for the Role:

Accountant, Chief Accountant, Financial Auditor, Internal Auditor, Personal Accountant, Certified Professional Accountant

Average Salary:


Job Opportunities in Alberta (Indeed):


NOC: 11200

Human Resources

Two woman discussing something

Many companies and leaders will tell you their number one most important resource is humans. Naturally, they rely on certain human resources professionals to ensure that everything runs smoothly and up to labor standards.

These HR professionals are usually responsible for implementing policies, procedures, and programs to help service and advise the employers and employees of a company or organization on HR issues.

Common Titles for the Role:

Employee Relations Officer, Human Resources Manager, Human Resources Consultant, Employment Equity Officer

Average Salary:


Job Opportunities in Alberta (Indeed):


NOC: 41402

 Business Development Professionals

Group of co-workers having a meeting

This position has a bit of confusion around it and this stems from the many titles this role may use depending on where you look.

Business development professionals are responsible for research and reports aimed at driving the business forward. They identify trends and threats and work together with decision-makers to ensure the success of company growth efforts.

Common Titles for the Role:

Business Development Officer, Market Researcher, Marketing Analyst, Economic Development Officer

Average Salary:


Job Opportunities in Alberta (Indeed):


NOC: 10019

 Office Manager

These managers work with appropriate department professionals to plan, organize, direct and evaluate sections of the organization. They may specialize in specific departments or be. ore general in their duties.

Managers in an office are often the point of contact for people discussing tasks/issues and will be able to communicate up the corporate ladder.

Common Titles for the Role:

Administrative Services Manager, General Manager, Office Manager, Department Manager

Average Salary:


Job Opportunities in Alberta (Indeed):


NOC: 13110

Administrative Assistant

Man working on a work task

Administrative assistants are increasing in demand as businesses return to the office and admin tasks resume full swing.

These assistants are responsible for assisting administrative professionals with common day-to-day tasks. They typically handle tasks such as answering phones, filing, keeping profiles up to date, and more.

Common Titles for the Role:

Administrative Assistant, Executive Secretary, Secretary, Office Administrative Assistant

Average Salary:


Job Opportunities in Alberta (Indeed):


NOC: 11201

Business Management

The role of a business management professional is to find a way to improve company operations through the analyses of company structure, methods of management, and the general functions of the business.

Common Titles for the Role:

Business Management Consultant, Management Analyst, Organizational Analyst, Operations Manager, Operations Management Consultant

Average Salary:


Job Opportunities in Alberta (Indeed):


To Wrap Up


We mentioned at the beginning of this article that our other post, focused on in-demand jobs in Canada has already touched on a lot of jobs that are also in demand in Alberta.

We encourage you to go give it a read if none of these jobs seemed to be in your area of expertise or interest.

Regardless of your industry or desired role, there are likely jobs available for you here in Alberta. About Staffing is posting new job opportunities every week and we fill all positions and industries so you never know what might come up.

If you haven’t already, head over to our apply page and get your resume in front of one of our recruiters.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What is "Alberta is Calling"?

“Alberta is Calling” is a marketing campaign launched in August, by then Premier of Alberta, Jason Kenney. The campaign focuses on attracting skilled workers from other provinces and cities with the promise of affordable housing, lower taxes, shorter commutes, and beautiful mountains.

What is the minimum salary in Alberta?

The minimum wage in Alberta is $15/hour, which based on a 40-hour work week amounts to an annual salary of $31,200.

Is it cheaper to live in Alberta or BC?

Alberta is considered more affordable to live in when compared to provinces like BC. One of the main reasons Alberta is more affordable to live in and generally has a lower cost of living is that Alberta has no Provincial Sales Tax. This means that every purchase you make in Alberta is costing you less money.

What are the fastest growing cities in Alberta?

In Alberta, the fastest-growing cities seem to be the smaller ones scattered around Calgary and Edmonton. These cities include Chestermere, Airdrie, Cochrane, Leduc, and more. These smaller cities are growing at a rate between 10% – 25%. This is a massive jump from Edmonton and Calgary’s growth rate of around 2%.