Does It Really Matter How You Dress For A Job Interview?

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The Power of Dressing the Part

We have noticed a shift in the interview attire people are choosing to wear recently.

We conduct hundreds of interviews every month and have noticed a significant increase in candidates opting for casual outfits.

While comfort is always a priority, especially in today’s increasingly flexible work environments, it’s important to remember the impact your clothing choices will have.

Why does attire matter? Your clothing speaks to your professionalism, attention to detail, and respect for the job opportunity.

It’s not all about following a dress code but rather about showing you understand the importance of the role.

Different roles utilize different dress codes.

The attire suitable for a clothing company might not align with that of a corporate law firm.

While industrial jobs and creative ones may choose to have more casual dress codes, office roles typically require you to wear some form of business casual attire. This means putting the jeans away! 

Save them for the casual Friday after you land the role.

So understanding the expectations of the industry/company you’re applying to shows you have a sense of social awareness.

You shouldn’t need to explicitly ask what the dress code is, but it’s not a bad idea!

You should take cues from the company’s culture, industry norms, and the level of formality associated with similar positions.

If they have a team page with photos this is a great way to see how they typically dress at the company.

When in doubt, it’s always better to err on the side of formality. A polished appearance helps people view you as prepared and capable!

While casual attire may be acceptable in some contexts, it’s essential to recognize the significance of dressing professionally during interviews.

Your clothing reflects your mindset and approach to your career. By presenting yourself thoughtfully, you communicate your commitment and respect for the opportunity. Some studies also show dressing professionally helps increase your confidence!

To Wrap Up


Dressing for success is more than a superficial concern—it’s a strategic investment to help sway opinions in your favour. As you move through interviews remember what you wear not only affects the impression you have on others it affects the impression you have on yourself!

Dress the part, embrace the opportunity, and step confidently into your future success!

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I dress for a job interview?

A good rule of thumb if you aren’t sure what to wear is to err on the more formal side. This means wearing at least business casual. Stay clear of jeans, especially blue ones, and make sure you not only look good but feel good. If your professional clothes aren’t comfortable it could cause you to be nervous or anxious during the interview.

What happens if you don't dress professionally for an interview?

If you are qualified for the role and make a good impression during your interview, it may not matter! But if the employer has to decide between multiple qualified candidates and you were the only one wearing casual attire, they may opt for one of the other choices. Those who dress formally are usually associated with putting in more effort and having more respect for the interviewer!

How important is your attire choice for a job interview?

What you choose to wear will have a significant impact on the interviewers first impression of you! Dressing well will also show that you have confidence in yourself and are prepared to take on the responsibility of the role. It is worth putting some thought into your outfit for these reasons.