At About Staffing we are constantly staying on top of trends. We watch the unemployment rate, the job market, technology and industry changes as well as overall workplace variations.

Here are the top trends we have noticed from the first quarter of 2019.

Work-Life Integration

The term work-life balance is shifting in 2019. The visualization of a balance scale with home life on one side and work on the other depicts an image of separation rather than unity.

The corporate world never sleeps. We have our emails at the tips of our fingers. Can balance even exist? If there is no balance and no scale to work and life, then what concept will reign in 2019?

Work life integration! It is simply the two worlds of work and life blending together in harmony. Sounds crazy? It isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Have you ever found yourself taking a personal call at work without logging it? How about when you checked and replied to your emails for 30 minutes over the weekend and didn’t log that either. That my friend, is work-life integration. These worlds do not need to be existing only when the other is not. They can both thrive simultaneously.

Work-life integration is simply a give-and-take relationship.


As four generations in the workplace coexist, authenticity is becoming a predominant value for employees.

People just aren’t buying into phony anymore. They want purpose.  They want to feel as though they are part of a bigger picture. Corporate culture matters, and it doesn’t grow on trees.  It grows from the top of a company down. If your company doesn’t have a strong corporate culture, it may as well be operated by Siri and Alexa. It’s cold, its meaningless and no one is passionate about it. People want to stand behind a brand they genuinely believe in.

Marcus Buckingham hit it home when he said, “authenticity is your most precious commodity as a leader.” Be honest and genuine with your employees and you can expect the same back. It’s a win-win!

Flex Days

The market is competitive. Future candidates hold a lot more cards than they ever have before. If you are not willing to entice future hires, or your current employees for that matter, someone else will. Younger generations are holding their home life and travel in a higher regard than their baby boomer parents. How will we keep these generations engaged? Have you ever considered a rotating schedule of working Fridays from their home? No… why? If you don’t trust your employees to actually work while on the clock, why would you hire them in the first place? It is actually proven that remote employees work harder and longer than their 9-5 counterparts. This is partially attributed to the stigma of a teleworker putting in less hours, thus needing to over compensate with physical proof of work completed.

While this doesn’t work for every company and position, consider it for roles that have the ability to be flexible. How about your marketing department? These right brained thinkers are often energized outside of normal work hours. They are not going to be stimulated in a cubical at 9:00 am. They are best to be at home surrounded by things that inspire them!

We challenge you to engage your employees and to think outside the box! Be flexible and solutions oriented when it comes to employee benefits. It doesn’t need to hurt the pocket book and will pay off in the short and long term.

“Once a new trend rolls over you, if you’re not a part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.”

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