I don’t have a bucket list.

That is because I ‘live’ my bucket list. I don’t dream about it and I don’t wait for things to come.

There are many ups and downs as a business owner. Over the years, I have learnt that my bucket list is a constant ebb and flow, give and take. Opportunities do not always present themselves and if they do, should be taken immediately. Seize the day, the moment or opportunity, as people like to say.

I don’t own expensive watches or luxury homes; instead I have experienced more exceptional moments than most people have.

I don’t procrastinate, but I may get behind sometimes.  As soon as I get a glimpse of something I want to do, I book it, like concerts or travel destinations, or throwing parties.  I may have to book it for an available time, but nonetheless, I book it, sometimes with a payment plan!

I feel like my Microsoft Outlook was built to manage my ongoing bucket list bookings.  I never give up! If I had that personality trait, my business would have failed years ago, and the thousands of people I have helped may not have found that great job or received that perfect advice.

I take responsibility for my actions, and I do what I say I will. I set very high standards for my team and myself.

I ‘live’ my bucket list which means there is no room for mediocre and my company expects great things.  In return, I offer a really great place to work, with 2-way street loyalty and room for work life balance rarely seen.

I don’t think I am exceptionally talented; instead, I have strong and meaningful human relations, and common sense.  I am also kind, and I try to add something helpful to the people I meet.

The bucket list term became popularized by the 2007 movie, seemingly stemming from the phrase kicking the bucket.  I am not suggesting that everyone should or should not create their own bucket list.  Instead, I suggest that successful people get things done by not waiting.

I’d suggest that opportunities come in moments of time, not in big expensive items. Keeping track of those moments is far more important than planning or waiting for big things to happen.

I would suggest never giving up and understanding that money comes and goes. Problems occur and get solved over and over again; it’s a part of life.

I’d suggest taking responsibility and not blaming others, including yourself when things don’t go according to the plan.

I suggest that talent comes in all forms and getting to understand yourself and what your own strengths are is really important.  Choosing to learn more about yourself should be on the ongoing bucket list in some way.

Take a chance, jump in, and starting doing instead of maybe saying “one day.” Living your bucket list is far better than thinking about doing something down the road.

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