It pains me to read about unethical practices in the staffing industry. How is it that temporary agencies are still getting away with undercutting people’s pay, hiring undocumented workers or merely paying cash under the table. More importantly, how is that companies are still resorting to hiring these types of temporary agencies? Just when I thought we had moved past all of this.

A word of caution…

Companies often partner with a temporary agency based on cost. The cost of services is a companies’ number one priority. I get it! In this market, it is crucial, more than ever, to protect your bottom line. Cost-cutting, however, is where the problem lies.

You pay for what you get!

Just like any consumer product – when you pay a lower price for an item, you are not necessarily paying for quality. In the temporary staffing industry, compromising on price often means compromising on safety standards, screening of applicants and ultimately, on the quality of the worker. It is scary to think that some agencies accept applicants who show up at their office – no resume, no screening, just a body to fill a position.

Stick with the reputable staffing agencies!

Protecting the health and safety of workers and being accountable to a process should be a priority when hiring – period! Ask the right questions when you are looking to hire an agency. You can hire an ethical staffing agency that is cost-effective – we know they are out there! Wink!

Technology and defined processes support ethical practices.

The use of applicant tracking systems promotes ethical hiring practices if they are set up to evaluate applicants based on their skills, experience and education. It’s a simple analysis of keywords. Our applicant tracking system is set up just like this, and any field we collect sticks to the job description that we publicly display. We are 100% transparent.

While this rant is not meant to be a sales ploy, we have over 34 steps to our recruitment process. This doesn’t mean we are slower at hiring or try to make things more complicated than they need to be; it merely means we have a process we abide by that holds everyone accountable. If we stick to the process, we adhere to the ethical practices that we have set forth.

As the need for temporary staffing solutions increase, I caution all of you to make ethical business decisions and to support businesses that align with your values. It is easy to become overwhelmed with price, but it is another to discount your ethical practices.

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