It seems there is a mix of emotions surrounding employee performance, output, morale and even attitude as we “return to the workplace.” Team members, supervisors, and business owners have all been engaging in a polar conversation that either highlights superior performing employees or points fingers to employees with poor attitude, performance and engagement. What is happening in the workforce?

A pandemic brings out the good and bad in people!

As much as distance has separated everyone, the most resilient employees have found ways to come together and excel. Some businesses have even seen increases in engagement and performance. These employees have shown dedication and hard work throughout everything; in other words, they have really “stepped up” for the business. These are the keepers and the ones you want to retain for the future.

Who doesn’t love an employee who shows up, engages, performs and steps up!

In contrast, there is also a trend of employees who are either disengaged, demanding or downright not committed. The stories I am hearing are outright heartbreaking leaving business at a crossroads. It is hard enough to lay off staff, it is another to terminate employment during this time.

What is a business to do?

When so much polarity exists between team members, it is hard to overcome the moral dilemma of, should they stay or go? What course of action do you take? There is no simple answer.

While you work through this, take a second to document the attributes that are standing out, both good and bad. Make a list and file it under your ‘employee hiring wants and don’t wants list.’

When hiring we often concentrate on the hard and soft skills that are relevant to a position. More and more businesses are coming to us with a strong need for culture fit. The right candidate extends far beyond simple personality tests, skill testing and basic interview questions.

In this day and age, we must screen in strategic ways and ask questions that draw out information unlike ever before. Screening for resilience, attitude, values and work ethic are just as important as the numbers of years of experience.

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