1)    Start with a goal: community workspaces, more mobile, ability to shrink/expand the workforce easily, save overall costs (short term/long term), exposure, proximity to customers or transit.

2)    Create a list of must-haves, and nice-to-haves, knowing that the nice-to-haves will get the team excited, so try to be realistic.  Create a points chart, putting 1-10 on importance, comparing to space sites.

3)    Choose the size that meets most of your goals and works with your vision for a new space. You won’t find anything that is 100% so expect to achieve 80-100%.

4)    Get an I.T. move list from your I.T. contractor and ensure everything is considered and available in a new spot (Don’t forget fibre optic cable or Wi-Fi and or security wiring).

5)    Speak to all current vendors, get quotes and bring them into the plan.

6)    Create the plan with an estimated schedule and contingency plans.

7)    Fill in the vendor list with vendors needed that you may not have a relationship with yet (contractors, space planners, signage experts).

8)    Measure, measure, measure, everything!  Don’t forget about the heights of ceilings, desks, shelves, etc.

9)    Search sites like Pinterest for ideas, then once the best ideas have been saved, start to compile that list, and source options for purchasing or building what your vision and goal is.

10)Get quotes for absolutely everything, scale back, if you need to and only hire the best professionals. It is ALWAYS worth it.

11)Contact your insurance carrier to add the new space to your policy and remove the old space.

12)Go online and move your regular mail to the new location, and set a reminder to update as needed.

13)Plan the move dates, notify teams and customers and provide some notice.

14)Tell Google.

15)Update your address everywhere especially on company vehicle registration and company credit/points/expense cards too.

16)Have a party!  Even if the reason for the move is downsizing or saving money, creating that positive team culture is really important during a stressful company move!

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