Payroll Process

Temporary candidates are paid weekly by About Staffing. Direct-Hire candidates are paid directly by the employer and will need to discuss the payroll process with their new employer.

How do I get paid?

In order for you to be paid on time, we will need two things from you:  your timesheet and your direct deposit information (we only need your direct deposit information once). Your timesheet for the week must be received by SUNDAY AT MIDNIGHT. There are no exceptions as our third party payroll company has strict deadlines in order to process the information.

What is direct deposit information?

About Staffing uses a process called EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). Your pay is directly deposited into your bank account. To complete this process, we will need your bank account information, Social Insurance Number, and your date of birth. The form can be found here.

How do I send in my direct deposit information?

To provide your tax or direct deposit information please call us at 403-508-1000 or email with your request.

Why didn't I get paid?

Either we are missing your timesheet, or your direct deposit information is incorrect. If you missed the deadline of Sunday at midnight to send in your information, please make sure we receive all correct information from you by the following Sunday at midnight to ensure you are paid the following pay period.

Do I get paid for the statutory holiday as a temporary candidate?

Please check the Alberta Labour Standards.

How often do I get paid?

About Staffing pays candidates weekly. You will be paid on Friday for the previous week’s work.