Fraud has hit the staffing industry just like any other. It is coming to job seekers in the form of fake job offers. These fraudulent job offers from imitation organizations are after your money and/or your identity.

Don’t accept now and ask later! Do your due diligence!

Top 6 Hints to Detect Fraudulent Offer

Question the interview process.

Did you meet with a real live person? In today’s day and age, we get so caught up in the technology (i.e. algorithms, competency testing, video chats…) that we forget how important it is to meet who you are going to be working with, to see the environment or to get a feel for the culture!

This is one reason why About Staffing meets every candidate we are considering for a position.

Research the company

Is the organization you are applying for a reputable company? Take Google reviews with a grain of salt. Do they have a physical address? Can you find team members on LinkedIn?

Completing a digital screen of our clients and candidates is crucial in the digital age.


Often times organizations will use the front page of a website to appear to be authentic.  Spend some time on the site to ensure links lead you to secondary and sub-secondary pages.

Email addresses

Is the email address you are conversing with congruent to the organization?

I.e. vs. Furthermore, be mindful of offers coming from personal emails.


If an offer letter or email signature provides an address, look it up, ensure it is valid and matches what has been communicated to date.

Hover over links

When receiving email communications or even an offer electronically, use your mouse to HOVER over the links – do not click on them until you know it is a legit URL. When you hover your mouse over a link a text box will appear showing you the destination that the link will take you to. If it is a web address you recognize, i.e. vs. AB0ut233344s.345.url. It is probably a safe bet to click on it.

How to Report Fraudulent Offers?

If you have fallen victim – know that you are not alone!

It is imperative to be mindful of who you are providing your personal information to. In an economy that is facing a 7% unemployment rate, job seekers are encouraged to act with vigilance in protecting oneself, remaining aware, and most importantly; try to refrain from becoming discouraged.

Another helpful way to avoid fraudulent offers is partnering with a recruiter. When applying to an employment agency, you are not just applying for one job, you are applying for hundreds. Aligning yourself with a reputable recruitment firm who will vet all potential employers before even an introduction might just be the support you need in your job search.

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