Don’t Forget About the Local Guys


As many of you know, About Staffing is a locally owned business. Over the course of its life, we have seen many ups and downs and are thankful for those that have continuously supported a local business. It is often overlooked what challenges a local business overcomes especially in this global market.


How to Operate in this Global Market?


In the back of my mind, I am always thinking about operating About Staffing in a competitive manner, price checking throughout the year, checking-in on our value propositions, looking for market opportunities, hiring local talent and creating jobs wherever I can.  Lately though, after the market hit us so terribly in Alberta, I noticed so many of my once 300 plus competitors are now gone.  Many of the long-term staffing companies either sold, merged, retired, or closed over the past few years.  I found myself saying that after 30 years in this industry, and 22 years of owning my small local staffing company, that the secret to success is to just hang on longer than everyone else! 


What is the Answer to Business Success?


Is the answer to business success simply perseverance and gritty determination? Or maybe it is keeping my house from the banks? I know I am not the only one willing to fight hard to keep my team employed, and keep my clients happy, even if I did have to cut some deals to make that happen.  We seem to be through “the worst of it”, or so I hear, all over Alberta, and Canada, and in fact the U.S. too.  The recessions are over, oil prices are stable, interest rates are fair, and the unemployment rate is lowering. 


Those Affected by the Downturn …


We quickly forget about those that were affected in the downtown. I thought it was just the staffing industry that was murdered on a local level but now; I can see it in other industries too. The local businesses that survived have a small consistent clientele, repeat customers who faithfully support the relationships they have.


I certainly have heard more than once that I should find something else to do, get with the times, and do things differently.  We could become like the nationals or internationals, and strictly match keywords, and replace my team with a dial 1, or click here option. But I still feel, (there is that word again, “feel”) that there is a place for a staffing company in the middle! We are bigger than the one-man shop that can fill direct hire only, or old school “permanent” only, and we can fill temporary jobs quickly and easily.


Join the movement and support the small guys


Next time you pop across the street for that non-fat, triple shot, biggie sized sugar-free latte; think about supporting a local business instead. Sadly, the option may not be there anymore but the first step is to start thinking about it.

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