Hire Slow, Fire Fast is a common phrase among hiring managers with the underlying belief that you should take your time to hire the ideal candidate and quickly get rid of staff that you don’t want, need or like. But I am here to tell you that this concept is outdated and does not reflect the real business world.

Hire Slow…

Whose bright idea was it to hire slowly? Job seekers have lives to live and bills to pay. Unemployment may be high, but job seekers hold some of the cards. We’ve seen time and time again, job seekers loose interest in a position, start to question the company or down right decline an offer when the process has taken an undue amount of time.

To me, hiring should be efficient and should follow a strategic process so that conversations can be had, and stories can be told. Hiring is about engagement. It’s about keeping everyone dialed in so that there is transparent communication between all players. It is not about time but about effort.

We need to fill this role now!

There is always an urgent need to fill a role. And this urgency must be weighed against the current labour market and availability of both passive and active job seekers. If you do not traditionally live in the recruitment world, hiring usually happens slowly and not due a lack of effort. It is like finding a needle in a hack stack. If you constantly live in this space, day after day, hiring tends to happen a bit quicker and more organically because you are constantly recruiting and hiring.

Fire Fast …

I think as a society we have lost sight of what makes us human and this expression, fire fast, is no different. Why would you want to fire fast? Why would you want to make such a quick decision when there is so much more to consider? Firing fast gives off an inhumane and cold feeling. You have invested time, energy and resources to this person!

Firing is about being human. It is about due diligence and most importantly, it is about taking a step back and making smart business decisions. Do not make a decision on the spot. Evaluate the risks and opportunities. Be smart about it and not emotional.

“Hire efficiently, fire smart.” – Sharlene Massie

I think it is important to remove time from this equation. Hiring and firing should be done in a timely manner but setting timelines around it, removes the key factors that make each successful. 

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