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Your 2019 Job Hunt Vision Board

At About Staffing we are big supporters of vision boards and believe these to be powerful tools in keeping you focused in the year to come. They help establish goals, give clear direction and motivate you in times of need. We stick them in a place where we can be...

Common Misconceptions about the Staffing Industry

You’re looking for your next shining star employee! You have spent hours, weeks, and months trying to find the next perfect fit to your unique company’s puzzle. You have held interviews and just haven’t had “that feeling." Your workload is stacking high as you’ve been...

Top 16 Tips for When You Need to Move Offices or Locations

1)    Start with a goal: community workspaces, more mobile, ability to shrink/expand the workforce easily, save overall costs (short term/long term), exposure, proximity to customers or transit. 2)    Create a list of must-haves, and nice-to-haves, knowing that the...

Winning the Business in Calgary Leaders Award

I am honoured to be chosen as one of the twenty Business in Calgary (BIC) Leaders for 2018. The BIC Award event took place June 27th, 2018; exactly 5 years after the 100-year flood hit Calgary and Southern Alberta unbearably hard, including my business About...

Rocking Temporary Assignments

Deciding to take on a temporary assignment can be intimidating for some. Learning the ropes at a new job is both mentally and physically exhausting.  First impressions are made within minutes and you can only hope that this job will lead to future opportunities. Let...

How did ‘Masters at Matching Culture’ come to be?

Part of my job as Founder and Visionary is to keep the business moving forward with new ideas and plans while keeping the basic integrity and core values formed day one intact. #visionaries I often attend conferences, take courses, and join business leader groups in...

Masters at Matching Culture

  ‘Masters at Matching Culture’ is one of About Staffing’s most important slogans. This phrase means we place candidates in roles where they will fit culturally within a company. There is a strong likelihood the candidate will be able to conform and adapt to the...

Negotiating a Job Offer

When a job offer is extended to you: If you want to accept right away, and you have all the information (salary/start date/etc..) go ahead and say Yes. However, many times there is a process around a job offer (verbal or written). This is typically the case for...

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