What do you do at About Staffing?

I’m responsible for making sure the world knows what we do, why we do it, and the reason why we are so super-duper at it.

What do you like most about working at About Staffing?

I love working for a local, woman-owned company. I also love that every day is different, and the team is hilarious, high-energy, and laser-focused. Although when we do get off track, we get spectacularly distracted.

What is one skill you are currently working on?

Olympic weightlifting, kickboxing, and SEO. By one, you meant three, right?

What was your first job?

I worked at my parents’ convenience store from the time I was 8, but my first “real” job was painting the curbs and fire hydrants for the town of Star City.

What job interview question do you hate the most?

Tell me about yourself. Too vague and too much room for me to be a smarty-pants.

What are the best skills you bring to the job?

I have more than two decades of experience in communications and marketing including working as a journalist for Postmedia for 23 years. I have marketed every kind of business imaginable from space exploration technology companies and cocoa producers in Central America to European shipping companies and Alberta tech start-ups. I am versatile, creative, and very driven.

What was your favourite meal growing up?

Spaghetti. Which I now hate.

About Shannon

Director, Growth Strategies and EDI

AKA Idea Executer and Manager of Melodrama

As the director of growth strategies, equity, diversity and inclusion, Shannon leads marketing, communications, partnership, business development and community engagement efforts at About Staffing to ensure we are building our local brand, while remaining leaders in the industry in terms of ethics and excellence. Shannon leverages her 20-years as a national business journalist and communications strategist to keep us at the forefront of trends and tight turns.

Italian or Mexican Food


Netflix or YouTube?


Phone call or Text?