Dear fellow business owners,

Do you remember the moment you decided to venture out on your own, and land in the world of self-employment and ownership?  Do you remember navigating the initial stressors of setting up a business, like designing a logo, putting food on your table, and hiring your first employee? Those initial challenges all seem like nothing compared to what you are dealing with now.

Please take me back to the good old days where the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and the weight of the world wasn’t on my shoulders. Feel free to insert your own unique emotion here.

Gone are the days of unicorns and rainbows. We are all facing new realities; some are good, and some not. Stay strong and face each decision head-on. There are no right decisions; there are just decisions. Shift your business to where it feels right, and if you need to change directions while still in your pajamas – do it!

Be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Today, I am choosing to remain positive – shoulder pain and all. I will continue to rely on my emotional intelligence and my strengths to prevail. When you sign up to be a business owner, you are signing up to take on the world; to shoulder whatever comes your way. It might be a downturn, a flood, or a pandemic; your business’s future lies in your ability to deal with the weight on your shoulders.

I wonder when I can book my next massage. Things are getting a little heavy.

Just like the knot in my shoulder, remember this time will soon pass, just like when you started your business. Accept all emotions during this time! You might be feeling guilty about laying staff off; you might feel incredible stress about your business; your year-end bottom line might petrify you. Or you might simply be bored with Zoom meetings. Regardless of your emotion, remember to learn from this experience. Stay strong and take one step at a time. Bank the experience and grow from it!


Sharlene Massie

Founder and Visionary

About Staffing