About Staffing wants to make sure that our employees are working within the safest environments possible. We make sure to do an inspection of all job sites and ask as many questions regarding the job as we can. You can be assured that your recruiter will make sure you are appropriately prepared for your assignment and that you have all the needed tools at your disposal. However, despite all that we do to ensure your safety, sometimes there will be things that are beyond our control. In these circumstances, we ask all of our employees to be aware that you are not expected to work in dangerous or unsafe work environments. Workers in Alberta can refuse work which they believe puts them in imminent danger, or puts another worker in imminent danger.

If you feel the conditions in which you are working are dangerous, or you are asked to do something that you feel is unsafe, please do not hesitate to refuse the work and call your recruiter immediately. For more information on work saftey, please visit the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Office Environments

Those who work in an office environment may think that they don't have to worry about safety in the workplace. In fact, although hazards are different then field work, there are many things you should look out for as follows: