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Aug 2015
Business in Edmonton - What's on Your Resume?

by Nerissa McNaughton

What are Edmonton employers really looking for? As Alberta's workplaces continue to evolve, so do our hiring preferences.Business in Edmonton - What's on Your Resume?...
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Jun 2015
5 Solid Ways to Make Yourself Stand Out to a Potential Employer

by Joel Thompson

 2015 has been a challenging year in Calgary. The ripple effect of low oil prices has resulted in layoffs, diminishing incomes/opportunities, and lower job satisfaction in every part of the oil and gas sector. There are lines of very qualified, skilled, and hard working peop...
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Jun 2015
We Want You To Love Your Job!

by Tierra

Here at About Staffing our goal is for our clients and candidates to Look Forward to Monday, you might even say it's our motto. We believe that work shouldn't be a place where you count down the hours of your day until you can go home, and Monday shouldn't be something you dread....
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Jun 2014
Choosing Optimism


It seems to me that we all need a break from the news and media doom and gloom; the flood, more jobs lost, murders, and fires, and costs rising, and on and on. For Alberta, 2013 has been a rough year, so now is the time to really notice the positives and quit sobbing in the dark....
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Oct 2014
We Are People, Too (an article about the benefits of appreciating your temp)


My experience as a temporary worker has been deeply personal. Beneath the kaleidoscopic matrix of the economy, the job market, global trends and exponential technological advancements, the basis of working as a temp is built on one's life choices and circumstances.I have worked a...
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