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Mar 2018
Look Forward to Monday with 30 Top Cover Letter Tip

by Denise Ebata

This is part one of three of the About Staffing Job Hunt series.Ugh!!!!!!!Ugh is the first word that comes to my mind when I think about cover letters.  What’s the point? Doesn’t my resume have all of the information you need? It is quite the opposite actually. T...
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Feb 2018
Building a Relationship with your Staffing Specialist

by Colin Kusz

 We want to learn about you! Being interviewed by a Staffing Specialist at a staffing or recruitment agency is different than an interview with a Staffing Specialist for an internal position at their company. As a ‘candidate’, you are sometimes interviewed f...
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Feb 2018
Looking for a Job?

by Sharlene Massie

 Looking for a Job? Applicants who are looking for a job, often ask me about how to indicate what they are looking for in an employer or position. When doing up a resume, the goal is to get the interview.  In the interview, the goal is to get an offer.  When r...
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