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Jun 2019
Why your organizational health is just as important as your Profit & Loss statement?

by Sharlene Massie

Organizational health is the new competitive advantage for businesses. It is becoming more and more apparent that businesses need to differentiate themselves in the market by protecting the health of their business at all costs. And by health, I don’t mean your P&L repo...
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Apr 2019
Workplace Trends for 2019

by Hailey Radcliffe

At About Staffing we are constantly staying on top of trends. We watch the unemployment rate, the job market, technology and industry changes as well as overall workplace variations.Here are the top trends we have noticed from the first quarter of 2019.Work-Life IntegrationThe te...
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Mar 2019
How Important are Job Descriptions?

by Lynne Cihelka

We all know what job descriptions are, but how much importance do we actually give them? In addition to providing a road map for potential and current employees, job descriptions are indispensable for both employers and employees. The Human Resources FocusJob descr...
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Feb 2019
Can you trust staffing agencies?

by Cristina Schultz

 A question often sparked around agencies is whether or not they can be trusted. Agencies frequently carry around stigmas of low wages, mistreatment, and miserable jobs. But in reality, an agency is just like any other employer. You apply, you interview, and hopefully, if al...
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Feb 2019
I Work For An Ideator

by Denise Ebata

Have you ever come across a personality profile or assessment that helps put someone you know into a cute little box? And it is in this box where you come to understand how this person ticks?Well, I found this cute little box that describes my boss to a ‘T’. This conc...
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