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Jun 2018
Rocking Temporary Assignments

by Jessica Penney

Deciding to take on a temporary assignment can be intimidating for some. Learning the ropes at a new job is both mentally and physically exhausting.  First impressions are made within minutes and you can only hope that this job will lead to future opportunities.

Let us help your nerves!

About Staffing has been a temporary staffing agency since 1996 and we pride ourselves on not only finding awesome candidates, like yourself, but on working with great clients.

Check out our list of the top 15 ways to rock it before and during your next temporary assignment.

  1. Dress to impress. First impressions are everything.
  2. Respond to Recruiters as soon as you can, as this will often secure more opportunities.
  3. Be open to taking on a variety of positions. Keep your options open.
  4. Be flexible on positions that offer a lower wage, if possible. You never know where this may lead you.
  5. Keep communication lines open between yourself and About Staffing. A quick call or email only takes minutes.
  6. Be prepared and know where you are going.
  7. When you commit to an assignment – stay committed.
  8. Show up on time for every shift.
  9. Be upbeat and positive – showing the clients you really want to be there to help almost always guarantees positive feedback to us about you.
  10. Treat everyone in the organization with respect, be courteous and polite.
  11. Network throughout the organization and meet as many people as you can
  12. Don't call in sick. If the client sees you sick and sends you home this is okay.
  13. Keep your phone in your bag. Do not call or text or surf the Internet while you are on a temporary assignment.
  14. While on assignment ask, “What else can I do?” Offer your assistance in other areas.
  15. Provide feedback to your Recruiter on every assignment.