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Apr 2018
How did 'Masters at Matching Culture' come to be?

by Sharlene Massie


Part of my job as Founder and Visionary is to keep the business moving forward with new ideas and plans while keeping the basic integrity and core values formed day one intact. #visionaries 

I often attend conferences, take courses, and join business leader groups in hopes to gain one nugget I can take forward to my organization in some way. 

I attended a seminar on woman owned businesses, a 2-day event in Seattle a couple of years ago. #businesswomanOn route to a very cool museum tour, I met a woman on the bus who simply asked what About Staffing does.   This can be easily explained, but then she asked what makes us unique. I easily explained that too, as I discussed our core values and how every part of the business was built on Sincerity, Enthusiasm, Loyalty, and Stability.  I explained about how we are local, we interview, we test on multiple levels for skills and personality and behavioral aptitudes. 

As we continued to chat, she started to probe and ask more ‘how’s’ than ‘what’s’. My answers became more about matching the people culture to the company culture of our clients. Matching culture become apparent as it stemmed from the 20+ years of building on those basic original core values. Eventually, we came to the agreement that due to the thousands of successfully matched candidates to companies, we have indeed become Masters at Matching Culture.  And so, from a 20 minute bus ride with a business owner I had not met before, right questions, right time, and keeping an open mind, our slogan was born.  “Masters at Matching Culture” a true explanation of what we do at About Staffing.