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May 2020
Innovative Ways Companies Are Protecting Their Staff

by Cristina Schultz

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has changed a lot of what we knew to be normal. This global pandemic has shaken up not only the lives of individuals, but many, if not all businesses’ have been impacted in some way or another.

We have noticed that our clients are really taking care of their staff and our temporary employees. Here are a few innovative ways companies are protecting their staff.

Here are some innovative ways companies are protecting their staff amidst this global pandemic.

Staggering Start Times: Adjusting the arrival and departure of employees is a great way to avoid an influx of workers going through a single doorway.  If there are multiple entrances and exits, assign one door for entrance and one for exit, sanitizing these points of entry between each shift.

Implement a Communicable Illness Policy: Implementing a Communicable Illness policy is the best way to require employees to disclose if they have COVID-19 symptoms or have come in contact with someone who has COVID-19 symptoms, while managing the delicate balance of upholding privacy laws.

Questionnaires: Requesting information from workers daily before entering the place of work helps to limit spread. *The below questions have been approved by employment lawyer Daniel Lublin, (Read More).

  •        Are you exhibiting any symptoms of the illness?
  •        Have you come into close personal contact with anyone who’s exhibiting any of the symptoms?

Social Distancing: Stickers and signs can be used to showcase the appropriate distance one should remain from another. Reorganizing office space can also ensure a safer social distance. Additionally, masks have become a mandatory part of the dress code for many, along with requiring customers and visitors to adhere to this request.

Temperature Screening: A fever is a well-known symptom of COVID-19; many organizations are requiring temperature tests through non-contact infrared thermometers before entering the building.

Taking temperatures may be permitted if it is a bona fide requirement and can be dependent upon the industry/nature of work (i.e., food production.) Notice to employees must be given with an established protocol to minimize the intrusion on employees' privacy rights. We suggest seeking legal advice about how best to proceed with temperature testing.

With any newly implemented policies or procedures, it is crucial to not selectively enforce in order to avoid any unintended discrimination and/or breaches of privacy rights.

Third Party Mobile Occupational Testing: Many companies are also turning to third parties to support with COVID-19 services such as: Temperature Screening, Health Risk Assessments, and Return-to-Work Programs.

There are MANY ways we can protect ourselves and others during this time…

How are you working towards a healthier, happier working environment

amidst this pandemic?