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Oct 2019
Individualism vs. Collectivism in the Workplace

by Sharlene Massie

There is a new divide in the workforce; a trend as some may call it.  This divide is becoming more and more relevant as companies evolve and adopt to the new trends of the workforce. This trend is evident with companies who have a combintation of remote-based and office...
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Feb 2019
I Work For An Ideator

by Denise Ebata

Have you ever come across a personality profile or assessment that helps put someone you know into a cute little box? And it is in this box where you come to understand how this person ticks?Well, I found this cute little box that describes my boss to a ‘T’. This conc...
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Jan 2019
Words of Wisdom: My Bucket List

by Sharlene Massie

I don’t have a bucket list. That is because I ‘live’ my bucket list. I don’t dream about it and I don’t wait for things to come.There are many ups and downs as a business owner. Over the years, I have learnt that my bucket list is a constant ebb...
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Dec 2018
Words of Wisdom: Goal Setting

by Sharlene Massie

January is the best time of year to set your intention(s) or decide what goal(s) you want to achieve for 2019.These intentions or goals are usually something to sink your teeth into, get excited about, and help be your guide throughout the year. You may want to adjust the pl...
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