Lee Anne Thorne<br /><i>Director of Administrative Services</i><br />

Lee Anne Thorne
Director of Administrative Services


How long have you been with About Staffing? 
15 years

I get to make people happy everyday by providing an exceptional customer service experience!

What makes you YOU at About Staffing?
I am truly a people person. I love helping others and making sure that everyone feels great about their experience with About Staffing!

What expertise do you bring to About Staffing?
My background in childcare brings out my supportive side and this is demonstrated in my role both with my internal and external customers.

What are your hobbies or interests outside of work?
I love hot yoga for the mind, body and soul connection it provides and not to mention the toxin cleanse.

What’s one interesting fact about yourself?
I came to About Staffing with no office experience and here I am 15 years later supporting an entire office! I say: “If you love what you do then you’re in the right place!”