Jonathon Collier,
Staffing Specialist, Industrial Division

How long have you been with About Staffing? 
June 2021

I Look Forward to Monday because of the feeling I get when I match a candidate with a great job, and I can just hear the excitement in their voice. It is amazing and deeply satisfying on a personal level. I have to hunt to find moments like that at home, but at work, I get to see it every day. I enjoy helping people, finding solutions to tough problems, and seeing difficult projects through to the end.

What makes you YOU at About Staffing? 
Reliability, efficiency, “get it done” mentality, stability and attention to detail

What expertise do you bring to About Staffing?
I have a 10-year history in customer service and logistics.

What are your hobbies or interests outside of work?
In my personal life I’m a huge geek and love all things nerdy, including but not limited to, 3D printing and design, computer building and wrenching in the garage on my project truck. When I’m not busy nerding out, I like to camp, hike and hit the bike trails.


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