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It has always been about the people and the connections.

2021 marks our 25th anniversary.
Wow time flies!
Since our first placement back in June 1996, we have been so honoured to have worked alongside some of Canada’s finest.
To the thousands of companies and job seekers who have crossed our path, thank you for being a part of the About Staffing journey.

Staffing is just like a pair of shoes. They come in all shapes and sizes, but what matters most is the right fit.

Sharlene Massie

Sharlene Massie posing for camera - hire-calibre

It all started back when the yellow pages were cool and dial-up Internet connection was still a thing.

About Staffing began with a borrowed fax machine, the yellow pages directory and no furniture back in 1996. Sharlene sat on the floor making cold calls and eventually started interviewing candidates on a donated yellow velour couch. Sharlene’s friends and family worked for her as temps while she grew the company with grit and determination.

Having worked in the staffing industry previously, Sharlene’s entrepreneurial spirit drove her to start About Staffing based on her four core values of enthusiasm, sincerity, stability and loyalty. About Staffing’s pillars are based on these values and they have formed the foundation for operational excellence.

Our Top 4 Memorable Moments and Milestones


When a Lamborghini landed on my desk. Literally.

It was orange. And wicked fast. Luckily I was not IN my office at the time, but when I got the call while in Vegas that an out-of-control Lambo had actually crashed through into my corner office downtown, I was dumbfounded.

Nothing could have prepared me for the destruction. It looked like a bomb had gone off. The shoes I keep in my office (C’mon, every women keeps at least 15 extra pairs of shoes in her office right?!) were filled with shattered glass. BUT, if a car had to crash into my office, I’m glad it had a little style! (No one was hurt by the way!)


Hiring my Super-hero Sidekick Extraordinaire, Director of Administrative Services, who is now one of my closest friends.

I had hit a low when the business I had formerly founded fell apart, and I emerged with some major angst and trust issues. During a stressful downturn, after the 9-11 terrorism attacks in New York, with our business once again starting from ground zero, I wanted to rebuild, but I didn’t know whether I could find someone who truly had my back. 

Well, Lee Anne will soon be celebrating 20 years with us, and although I hired her with no related experience or education, she is one of the best employees (and best people!) I have had the privilege of working with ever.


The 2013 Calgary Flood, which was the worst of times and the best of times

Our old office was located right by the Stampede grounds, which was heavily flooded in 2013. Being on the first floor, we were swimming in four feet of water. Our computers were submerged and our phone lines were down.

Some of us relocated to my kitchen table and enjoyed homemade sandwiches made by my husband Corrie. Other staff members moved to spare offices offered up by our amazing clients.

While it definitely sucked, it brought out the best in our team, friends and neighbours as we navigated the changes together!


Our new office and my home away from home

We had a matter of days to set up our new office when we found this space, and who would have thought it would be my favourite?

We had to start from scratch (including installing new windows and doors), and in less than a month, our second-floor, beltline office was complete. It is funky, bright, spacious and full of character. I love our neighborhood and the abundance of small, local businesses that operate in this very cool district.

From our open-concept lunchroom and “idea island”, to our light, bright conference room, it reflects “us.”

Gratitude and resilience are a hallmark of this 25th anniversary celebration for me, and that is embodied in this space.

To our Leader, Founder and Friend

Sharlene encompasses all of our core values and helps us look forward to Monday every week! We can feel her presence as soon as she walks in, and it brings energy and purpose to our workdays.

Her leadership is inpiring, her commitment to her staff is unwavering, and she is tireless, fearless, and compassionate.

We are thrilled to be a part of celebrating this wonderful milestone with her!


Your Staff



About Staffing - Employment and Staffing Agency in Calgary
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A Walk Down Memory Lane

Welcome to About Staffing 2011!

We love marketing and can’t help ourselves with videos or media opportunities. Sharlene has always been a natural and always comes to the office ‘media ready’ because in a moment’s notice, the phone may ring asking for an opinion or two or simply her two cents. Check out our marketing video from 2011.

Sharlene Massie on breakfast television

Breakfast TV – May 2010

Sharlene Massie talks about what mistakes you can make that could kill your career!

Breakfast TV – June 2010

Sharlene Massie talks about what you should do when applying for your first job!

About Staffing CEO & Visionary, Sharlene Massie, talks about making yourself more valuable in the workplace!

Breakfast TV – April 2010

Sharlene Massie talks about making yourself more valuable in the workplace!

About Staffing CEO, Sharlene Massie, talks about what you need to ask your potential employer!

Breakfast TV – January 2010

Sharlene Massie talks about what you need to ask your potential employer!

Sharlene Massie Book - 25 years 25 lessons

Sharlene’s Newest Venture (because she didn’t have enough going on!) 

JOBSHIFT was founded in 2020 by Sharlene to help support the millions of workers in Canada affected by COVID-19. The wave of job loss was unprecedented, and with a skyrocketing unemployment rate, job seekers by the thousands flooded the job market. Sharlene’s About Staffing inbox was flooded with people asking her for advice and help, and she decided she needed to do something to help as many people as possible.

Sharlene and the Jobshift team created a personalized online learning program that focuses on advancing people’s job search skills for a more strategic and successful outcome. The tools and courses are designed for job seekers who recognize that they need an actionable plan to market themselves in a highly competitive environment.

We’d like to thank you for your support throughout the last 25 years.

We are excited to share another 25 years with you!

From all of us at About Staffing,

Sharlene, Chris, Lee Anne, Jessica, Cristina, Melissa, Shannon, Elizabeth and Robert

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